Carolinas Mobile Dentistry

The American Dental Association’s 2001 Geriatric Oral Health Care Award was given to Carolinas Mobile Dentistry (CMD), an organization established in 1997 through collaboration with Apple Tree Dental.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ford Grant, this program currently brings on-site dental care to 1,500 nursing home residents in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. The goal of CMD is to provide nursing home residents with the same level of dental care that is available in traditional offices and clinics.

To do this, the program brings a state-of-the-art Apple Tree Mobile Dental Office to facilities so that frail elderly people can conveniently access the care they need. CMD was founded with support from the Carolinas Health Foundation, Apple Tree Dental, the North Carolina Dental Society, and the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust. Dr. Grant is working with Dr. Bill Milner, of Access Dental Care in Greensboro, to make this type of care available to all nursing home residents in North Carolina.

For more information about Carolinas Mobile Dentistry, visit their website at:

Carolinas Mobile Dentistry Dr. Ford Grant (in center) Receives Award from
American Dental Association President, Dr. Chadwick

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